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Jurisdictional Officials

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(Upper House of Prelature)

The House of Bishops is the collective body of bishops who have been duly consecrated and legitimately affirmed as apostles by the Impact Assemblies of Covenant Churches. They are the recognized leadership of the Fellowship, having been appointed, consecrated, and credentialed at various levels of the Bishopric or Apostolic Order. This includes the Chief Prelate and Presiding Bishop, as well as Regional Bishops, State Bishops, Suffragan Bishops, and all others verified and affirmed in the Apostolic Order. The House of Bishops is headed and chaired by the Vice Presiding Bishop.


Bishop LaDamiun Raines

Southeast Regional Diocese Bishop

Chairman of the House of Bishops

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Bishop Dorell McCroery, Sr.

Presiding Bishop and Chief Prelate

Interim District Bishop of New Jersey


Bishop Brandon Dickens

Northeast Regional Diocese Bishop

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